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Importance of a Polygraph A lie detector test, better known as a polygraph, is a test conducted on a person especially during interrogations by various people including the authorities. This is done in order to know whether or not they are telling the truth and is mostly done on suspects. Most people think that lie detectors are usually a hundred percent accurate in detecting lies or the truth. This test works by detecting the stress levels triggered by one’s body when one is answering a question in order to know whether it is actually the truth. It uses these stress levels to measure or indicate spikes in form of graphs. By being a good liar, one can become an expert at passing this test without anyone telling. Most people who go through a lie detector test whether it’s in a competition or interrogation want to pass it. As long as one maintains caution, one can be able to pass this test by using many tactics available. It is possible for one to fool the lie detector without anyone knowing which makes them pass the test undetected. When one lies in a smart way, the polygraph gives inaccurate results without the knowledge of those studying it. Some people who are forced to taking the test actually don’t want to because they are afraid of the truth being unfolded. Some situations may offer the option of one backing out from taking the test. By knowing the questions that are going to be asked before, one can be able to pass the test. This will help you memorise and program them into your mind in a way such that when asked, the graph is not spiked. One is able to maintain the calm and cool when answering the questions because they already have rehearsed. This guarantees you of having the upper hand as the polygraph will not detect the lie when told. Having many things on your mind may also be efficient as the polygraph ,may not be able to detect a lie from the truth.
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When one wants to pass the polygraph test, one can reset their minds as a strategy. One can train their brain to constantly believe that everything one says is true even if it’s not. This way, the brain learns to adapt to lying in order for you to pass the test with flying colours. Doing so will not spike any graphs from the polygraph hence those studying it will actually think it’s true.
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When one is being interrogated, one should be always calm and collected. Steady results are obtained once one is firm and serious when answering their questions. In order to avoid triggering the lie detector test, one can always ensure that they breathe normally.