About Us

The purpose of this blog is to provide useful insights about the field that we cover and to guide you as a user.

Top Green Legal Advice is perfectly positioned to offer professional and effective legal services to both international and local clients. We have built our reputation on our ability to offer practical, economic and constructive support legally. Our advice could be considered pragmatic and systematic as we are committed towards maintenance of quality standards when it comes to professional representation. We collaborate with our clients so that all their legal needs get fulfilled in a timely and a strategic manner.

Top Green Legal Advice represents a vast spectrum of clients that range from corporate to media companies, suppliers and publishers, entrepreneurs and small-sized businesses. We make sure that our processes concerning quality assurance are of high standards. Our reputation is growing steadily as we continue to protect the interests of our clients and make their lives better. We provide comprehensive intellectual property services and consultation on mergers and acquisitions. Our reach is vast in geographical terms.

Several organizations require consultancy which goes much beyond prosecuting of patents and trademarks and core filing. Our services are focused on such broad areas. We have vast experience of offering consultancy services in the practice areas of licensing support, portfolio review, exercises of due diligence and support for initial public offerings. The flexibility approach adopted by Top Green Legal Advice allows us to be well positioned with our services to discuss specific issues.