Backpack storage: How to store your backpack properly

Backpacks are usually pretty sturdy and easy to care for. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to a few important points when storing it so that you can enjoy your luggage for as long as possible.

In this article you will learn how to best store your backpack.

The right backpack storage briefly explained

If you are not going to use your backpack for a long period of time, it is best to store it spread out flat in a spacious and ventilated compartment in your closet after a thorough cleaning.

However, make sure that it is not nodded or squashed and that no other objects or clothes are placed on it.

If you use your backpack regularly, it is best to hang it up on a hook in the hallway or in the cloakroom. It always keeps its shape and doesn’t crumple.

Why should you pay attention to the right backpack storage?

The correct storage of backpacks is important so that the material is not damaged. 

For example, if a backpack is stored compressed or creased over a long period of time, tears can develop in the material. 

Direct sunlight and strong temperature fluctuations can also permanently damage the material. 

Improper storage can also lead to mold growth.

When storing, therefore, avoid:

  • Creases or folds in the material
  • High humidity
  • Direct sunlight
  • Strong temperature fluctuations
Keep and store outdoor backpack

You shouldn’t store a backpack here

Now that we know what to avoid when storing, we can easily deduce where not to store the backpack.

Avoid the following places:

1. Attic

In an attic there are usually strong temperature fluctuations. Therefore, a backpack should not be stored in the attic.

2nd car

Strong temperature fluctuations also occur in the car. Storage should therefore also be avoided there.

3. Cellar

Many basements are damp and poorly ventilated. This can lead to mold growth. A backpack should not be stored in the basement.

4th garage

In a garage, there can be both high humidity and strong temperature fluctuations. A backpack should not be stored here.

More tips for storage over a longer period of time

Before you store your backpack, you should empty it completely and check for damage. If you find defects, you should repair the backpack or have it repaired.

The backpack should then be thoroughly cleaned inside and out and, if necessary, impregnated.

Before you put the backpack in the closet for storage, it must be absolutely dry. 


When it comes to storage, a backpack doesn’t like sharp temperature swings, direct UV rays, and high humidity. In addition, it does not want to be folded, compressed or kinked.

It is best to lay your backpack flat for storage in a spacious and well-ventilated compartment in your closet and avoid putting objects or clothes on it.

Stored in this way, your backpack is available to you again in top form after its well-deserved break.

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