Can you go to the supermarket with a backpack?

supermarket with backpack

Are you out and about with your backpack, but you need to buy something quickly and are wondering whether you can go to the supermarket with a backpack?

It depends. 

As long as it is not expressly forbidden, for example by a corresponding sign at the entrance or a verbal announcement, it should not be a problem at all in my opinion to go to a supermarket with a backpack.

I myself am on the road with a backpack almost every day and always go shopping with it. This is a matter of course for me and has never been a problem before.

There are also a lot of students in our city, many of whom are out and about in the supermarket with a university backpack . That too is completely normal.

However, acquaintances have already told me about supermarkets in other cities where you have to stow your bag and shopping rucksack in a locker before you enter the sales area.

I have also read reports of experiences in which those affected reported that they were asked in the supermarket to deposit their rucksacks at the checkout or, if available, at the information desk while shopping.

However, I have not yet come across such supermarkets myself.

There does not seem to be a uniform answer to the question of whether you can take a rucksack into the supermarket, as there are apparently different approaches in this regard.

I basically assume that I can go to the supermarket with my backpack, as long as I’m not expressly forbidden to do so.

Can I pack my purchases in my own backpack up to the checkout?

Some people may also wonder if you can pack your purchases in your own backpack instead of in the shopping cart or shopping basket. After all, you wouldn’t have to bother with a shopping cart or basket.

However, you shouldn’t do that.

Because even if you don’t have any bad intentions, this behavior could possibly be interpreted as theft.

As a result, it could lead to awkward situations or unnecessary discussions with the staff there.

To avoid this, you should therefore refrain from packing goods in your backpack instead of in the shopping cart in the supermarket.

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