Dispose of Backpack: You Have To Pay Attention To This

Backpacks are long-lasting companions, but one day even the best model is gone. Then the question arises as to where to dispose of a backpack .

In a nutshell :

  • You can dispose of your old backpack in the residual waste.
  • Bulky waste is ideal for particularly large models.

A backpack belongs in the residual waste

Backpacks can simply be put in the residual waste bin. It’s best to crumple it up as small as possible so that it doesn’t take up too much space.

If there are metal rods in the backpack, they must be removed beforehand and then handed in at the recycling center if possible.

Can you put a backpack in the bulky waste?

Yes. If the backpack would take up too much space in the residual waste, it can also be disposed of with bulky waste.

Can a backpack be recycled via the yellow sack (yellow bin) or the recycling bin?

Packaging made of plastic, tinplate, aluminum and composite materials goes into the yellow sack or bin. Non-packaging made of these materials can also be disposed of in the recycling bin.

A backpack does not belong in either of these bins, as it usually consists of many different materials and parts. As a result, recycling is usually not possible with backpacks.

Can you put a broken backpack in the old clothes collection?

no A used clothing container primarily contains clean and wearable clothing and shoes that can still be used.

However, a broken backpack can no longer be used properly by anyone and therefore does not belong in the old clothes container.

Where you should not dispose of your backpack

A backpack should not be disposed of here:

  • used clothes container
  • Yellow bag
  • Yellow bin
  • recycling bin 
  • waste glass bin
  • waste paper bin
  • compost bin

When should a backpack be thrown away?

Small defects such as a hole, a broken zipper or a broken fastener can usually be repaired quickly. Here’s how to repair a backpack .

However, if the wear and tear is too great or the repair would be too expensive, then the time has often come to throw away the old backpack and look around for a new model.

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