How should the chest strap sit on the backpack?

chest strap backpack

Have you ever discovered a chest strap on your backpack and wondered what it is actually good for and how it should sit best?

Then this article is for you.

What is the chest strap good for on a backpack?

The chest strap ensures that the shoulder straps do not slip or even slide sideways off the shoulders. This is particularly important when hiking, cycling or running. 

It also helps to stabilize the backpack and takes some of the strain off your shoulders and back.

In general, you quickly notice the advantages of a shoulder strap, as the backpack is simply more comfortable and safer to carry.

How should the chest strap fit?

The height of the chest strap is usually adjustable. It should be adjusted so that it sits centered over the chest for men. For women, the chest strap should sit across the chest.

Ultimately, however, your own well-being decides on the correct fit. This means that the chest strap should be adjusted so that it feels best.

If the chest strap is closed in front of the chest, it must not be so tight that it is constricting or even hinders breathing. However, it shouldn’t be so loose that you can’t feel any stability.

Adjust the chest strap so that the seat feels comfortable. As a rule, it is sufficient to just tighten it slightly.

Retrofit chest strap

If your backpack does not have a chest strap, you can easily retrofit one for little money.

The following chest strap is a popular purchase and is available in many different colors.

GURTIES® chest strap for school bags school backpack backpack universal 27 colors (black)
GURTIES® chest strap for school bags school backpack backpack universal 27 colors (black)*

  • The chest strap is individually attached to the shoulder straps using the two external sliders
  • The chest strap can be opened and closed easily and quickly with a stable plug lock
  • The width can be adjusted using the buckle that can be adjusted on one side, making it individual for adults and children
  • ideal for backpacks and satchels from all manufacturers
  • Width: 20 mm – Thickness: 1.4 mm – Material: 100% PP webbing (non-elastic)

For installation, the chest strap is simply attached to the two external sliders on the shoulder straps.

This chest strap is not only ideal for backpacks, but can also be used for school bags.

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