How To Repair (or have repaired) Your Backpack

How to repair (or have repaired) your backpack

A backpack is usually a robust and durable companion that can be used for many years. Nothing can harm him that quickly.

However, should a defect occur, a backpack can usually be easily repaired. 

It is almost always worth it, because valuable memories are usually attached to your faithful travel companion, which is why your luggage should not be disposed of lightly.

In this article you will find out how you can repair your backpack yourself or have it repaired.

The most common backpack defects

Extreme loads or just regular use can cause defects in the backpack over time.

The most common problems are:

  • Tears or holes in the material
  • Broken zipper
  • Defective buckle or clasp
  • Shoulder strap torn

But no worry. All these defects can be repaired again.

mend backpack

If the material of your backpack has a tear or a small hole, you can patch it with self-adhesive repair stickers (Repair Patch).

everest 1953 repair patch self-adhesive repair sticker nylon patches for tents, backpacks, awnings, inflatable boats, air mattresses many colors different sizes (blue, 70 x 70 (2 pieces each))
everest 1953 repair patch self-adhesive repair sticker nylon patches for tents, backpacks, awnings, inflatable boats, air mattresses many colors different sizes (blue, 70 x 70 (2 pieces each))*

  • Variant: blue 70 x 70 mm: These self-adhesive repair stickers have been used outdoors for many years. These stickers are ideal for countless uses. The sticker consists of a nylon fabric and is therefore flexible and of course 100% waterproof. The material does not fade in the sun. And the sticker can be used both in winter and in summer. The patch does not become porous even after many years of use.
  • Can be used for: tents, awnings, rubber dinghies, rain jackets, air mattresses, umbrellas, rucksacks, etc. Suitable underlays: most plastics (with the exception of silicone), linen, leather
  • The stickers are made with a non-toxic industrial grade adhesive. (Obviously in compliance with EU and US standards, RoHS – Certified (Directive on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances)
  • Application: Simply remove the backing paper and stick over the damaged area. The self-adhesive patch does not require any additional glue. To increase adhesion, it is recommended to iron over the sticker (using level 2) for a few seconds. Immediate use during a tour is also possible.

These repair patches are simply cut to size and then glued over the tear or hole. So that these stickers match your backpack as well as possible, they are available in many different colors.

Of course you can also sew a tear yourself or have it sewn professionally by a tailor or shoemaker. Afterwards, however, the seam should always be brushed with a seam sealer so that it is waterproof.

Fix zipper on backpack

Unfortunately, zippers tend to break one day. Who hasn’t owned a jacket with a defective zipper?

It is usually the case that the teeth no longer mesh properly and the zipper can therefore no longer be closed and opened. 

You can find detailed instructions on how to repair a backpack zipper at ifixit . 

However, not everyone has the muse to devote themselves to such work. Of course, you can also take your backpack with this problem to a tailor or shoemaker to have the zipper professionally repaired there.

Replace buckle or clasp

If a buckle or clasp on the backpack has given up the ghost, you can usually easily replace it yourself. All sorts of fasteners and buckles can be bought separately in stores, so the right fastener for your backpack will certainly be available.

Snap buckles for 25 mm wide belt straps, 2 pack, in black, made of hard plastic, snap buckle click fastener, replacement buckle, buckle repair, backpack belt buckle, belt buckle
Buckles for 25 mm wide straps, 2 pack, in black, made of hard plastic, buckle click closure, replacement buckle, buckle repair, backpack buckle, buckle belt*

  • [HARD PLASTIC BUCKLES – HIGH DURABILITY – PERFECT FOR EVERYDAY LIFE] This clothing fastener for 25 mm wide straps is characterized by its high durability – which is why these 25 mm backpack buckles are suitable as a spare part for broken backpack buckles.
  • [BUCKLE SET FOR 21 – 25 MM WIDE WEBBINGS] In order to determine the right buckle size, you have to measure the width of your webbing – if it measures between 21 – 25 mm in width, the size 25 mm webbing buckle is suitable.
  • [BELT CLOSURE WITH HIGH TENSILE STRENGTH] The 25 mm belt buckle has a click lock safety device – that’s why the black clip lock can withstand even great forces.
  • [WITH DOUBLE-SIDED CLICK CLOSURE – FOR SECURE CLOSING AND FAST OPENING] The two 25 mm buckle parts open and close perfectly even after a long period of use.
  • [SCOPE OF DELIVERY] 2 x buckles, for 25 mm wide belt straps, black, made of hard plastic.

If you really can’t find a suitable fastener, you can contact the manufacturer and ask for spare parts for your backpack. This is usually not a problem.

Repair strap

If the backpack has been loaded too heavily, it can happen that a shoulder strap tears off the material. If you know how to use a needle and thread, you can usually repair this defect yourself.

If you don’t know how to do this, check out ifixit for instructions on how to sew a torn shoulder strap back on. 

But of course you don’t have to do it yourself. A tailor can also help you with this problem.

have the backpack repaired

In general, of course, you always have the option of having your backpack repaired by a specialist. This is the more convenient choice for many people.

If your backpack manufacturer offers a repair service, then that should be your first port of call. 

If your manufacturer doesn’t offer such a service, you can also contact the seller of your backpack. Often stores work with certain tailors or repair shops, where such work is carried out professionally.

If you are not successful with this either, you can simply contact a local tailor or shoemaker. Depending on the backpack, it may also be worth using a bag repair service. 

Have leather backpack repaired

A leather backpack is often a bit more demanding when it comes to repairs. You usually won’t get much further with a needle and thread unless you know your way around leather.

It is therefore worth leaving repairs to a leather backpack to a professional.

bag repair service

Many cities have bag repair services that have their own workshops specializing in bag repairs. Many of these providers also offer their services online and via mail order.

After clarifying the necessary work and sending a few pictures, you simply send your backpack there by post and it will then be sent back repaired.


If you want to have a leather backpack repaired, you can also take it to a cobbler who deals with leather bags and backpacks.

Repairs such as closing seams and replacing zips, buckles and snap hooks are carried out professionally there. 


If your backpack has a defect, that is by no means a reason to discard it immediately. 

You can either repair almost all defects yourself or have them repaired professionally.

You can contact the manufacturer, retailer, bag repair service, or your local tailor or shoemaker.

You should only dispose of your backpack and decide on a new model if it really is no longer possible to repair it.

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