Lash tabs: This is the function of the square patch with the two slits on the backpack

lash tabs

On many backpacks you can see small square patches with two slits , which are often made of leather and are somewhat reminiscent of a diamond in shape. But what are these leather patches actually all about?

In this article, we will explain what these lash tabs , which are also sometimes called pig noses, actually are and what their function is.

The function of lash tabs

Lash tabs serve to attach objects to them . So you can hang very different things and equipment on the outside of the backpack. This means that you always have these items to hand and don’t have to search for them in your backpack for a long time.

To do this, simply pull a snap hook, rope or belt through the slots and attach the respective equipment to it.

But what would you put on these patches in practice? Well, here are some examples:


If your rain jacket has gotten really wet after a downpour, it’s best not to stuff it in your backpack as it won’t dry there. Instead, just hang it on your backpack’s lash tab so it can air dry quickly.


You don’t want to carry dirty or sweaty shoes (e.g. after training) in your backpack. Better hang them on the outside of your backpack.

outdoor equipment

You can also hang some parts of your outdoor equipment that you want to have at hand at any time on the outside of the backpack. This includes flashlights, compasses, pocket knives, multi-tools and other objects.


If you want to be more visible in the dark, you can simply attach  backpack lighting to the Lash Tab.


Would you like to always have your umbrella at hand? Simply hang it on your lash tab on the outside of your backpack.

Ski and snowboard equipment

Parts of your ski or snowboard equipment such as gloves, ski goggles, ski poles or helmet can also be attached to the outside of the backpack.

baseball cap

If you’re worried about your baseball cap getting crumpled in your backpack, just hang it up on your lash tab. This is practical and also looks cool.

These were just a few examples. In principle, any object can be attached to a lash tab that is not too heavy and can be attached to a snap hook, cord, strap or rope.

What material are lash tabs made of?

Backpack with leather lash tab

In the past, lash tabs were always made of leather and even today leather is occasionally used for these patches. Increasingly, however, these patches are also made of plastic, which has better weather resistance.

Different shapes

Lash tabs can come in different shapes. Sometimes you see them with slits that are arranged transversely, and sometimes the slits run lengthwise. 

But there are also lash tabs that are not square but elongated and have several slits one below the other. This shape is reminiscent of a ladder. Some backpacks even have two of these ladders attached side by side. Several things can then be attached to these patches at the same time or at a different point.

But in the end it doesn’t matter whether the shape is square or oblong, or whether the slits are lengthwise or crosswise. Because the function is always the same. 

Retrofit lash tabs

If you like the function or just the look of lash tabs, but your backpack does not have such a patch, then you may be able to retrofit it.

Lash tabs can also be bought individually in some places and then sewn onto the backpack. However, robust sewing thread should then be used to ensure the required stability.

However, if the backpack has a special water-repellent outer layer, then you should rather do without it, as otherwise the water-repellent property could be affected.

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