Wrap backpack as a gift

wrap backpack

Do you want to give a backpack for Christmas or a birthday, but don’t know how best to gift wrap it due to its size and shape?

Don’t worry, here’s how to gift wrap a backpack .

There are several practical ways to do this.

1. Pack in carton

Find a box big enough to fit your backpack easily. If the box is too big, fill the excess space with paper or other filler. 

You should only make sure that the box is not too small so that you would have to fold or squeeze the backpack. This could lead to damage to the material in the long term.

Then you seal the box with adhesive strips and wrap the box in nice wrapping paper.

2. Pack as a candy

Take a large sheet of wrapping paper and wrap the backpack in it. Make sure that there is still enough wrapping paper on the left and right sides.

Fix the wrapping paper to the backpack with tape and pull the excess paper on the sides with a nice gift ribbon so that the shape of a candy is created.

If your sheet of wrapping paper is too small for it, you can simply glue several sheets together.

To give the candy a little more shape, you can also wrap the backpack in light cardboard beforehand and then wrap it with the wrapping paper.

3. Pack in gift bag

The easiest method is to place or place the backpack in a large gift bag. You don’t need any additional packaging material and you don’t have to do anything.

If you don’t want people to immediately see what’s in the bag by looking inside, simply seal the top of the bag with tape. Alternatively, you can also use a stapler.

4. Decorate with a gift bow and fill with content

If there is no need to hide the contents of the gift, you can simply decorate the backpack with a large gift bow and fill it with a few little things as a surprise.

There are also additional small gifts or delicious sweets.

By the way: If you still have to send your gift after it has been wrapped, then this article will tell you how to send a backpack .

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